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At LPSIS Pvt. Ltd., we believe in offering much more than just a job; we endeavor to give you a full-fledged career. We strive to build a dedicated team through individual and group activities, enriching knowledge & skills and providing conducive working environment. Our employees are our biggest strength and asset. It is the underlying philosophy that has molded our workforce into a team with common goals and objectives.

Our Employee-Management relationship is therefore characterized by:

  • Participative Management
  • Team work & Kaizen
  • Communication and information sharing
This structure ensures better communication and prompts decision making process. It also creates an environment that fabricates trust, transparency and a sense of belonging amongst employees.

HR Vision :

We will make our company proud by being the best in what we do. We aspire to achieve leadership by continuously enhancing organizational & people capabilities, develop effective & efficient processes, remove the non-value added activities from the system that will satisfy the customers and attaining challenging benchmarks in productivity.

HR Objectives :

  • To ensure fair recruitment, enhanced performance, promotions, and improved quality of life of employees and their family members.
  • To ensure care for each other, openness & trust with focus on institutionalizing the collective initiatives of all.
  • To ensure job rotation, job enlargement, job enrichment, training and re-training, career & succession planning across the hierarchy.
  • To enable each employee to develop his / her ability to full potential with shared sense of direction under well-defined authority and responsibility to evolve a self-led team for competitive edge.

Fresh Engineers and Management Graduates :

At LPSIS Pvt. Ltd. we see the training and education of our people as a continuous value-adding process. This approach hones, improves and enhances their skills and makes the organisation stronger.Our initial learning programme which is for all our recruits from engineering and management colleges, is specially designed and conducted with the objective of transforming fresh graduates into result oriented professionals.This program covers all facts of the industry including technical and shop floor trainings and developing managerial skills into the freshers.

Name :Garima Gulati
Designation : HR Manager
E-mail id : garima.gulati@lpsis.co.in